Hosting and security

Apps in the logistics mall require a runtime environment just like mobile apps require a smartphone as a runtime environment.

The runtime environment for your logistics mall apps is called the managed app server which is a virtual server that contains everything you need to install and use apps.

Monitored data centre hosting

We host and manage your managed app server in monitored data centres with certified providers in Germany. This means that you do not have to worry about the operation or essential backups. Our experts will do that in an efficient and reliable way. This reduces your workload as a customer and brings cost benefits - while offering maximum security. Hosting in Germany meets the requirements of the German Data Protection Act.

If your prefer to host a server yourself, no problem! We offer interesting corporate cloud operating models.


Data security is a huge priority with us. All connections with logistics mall apps are SSL-encrypted. As all customers have their own managed app server, all business data is encapsulated.

Other users, third parties or even strangers won't get access to your data.

For even higher security standards, we will be happy to develop the right solution for your individual needs.