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Apps in the raw materials warehouse at LEBO

For optimising inventory transparency in production and for managing raw material stocks, a digital solution should be implemented. Instead of a traditional warehouse management system, a modern, app-based solution from logistics mall was chosen.

Important criteria for the selection were:

  • Possibility of connecting to the ERP system Sage B7
  • Support mobile devices with an Android operating system for the shop floor
  • Possibility of adding additional functions

The logistics mall apps can be operated with any Internet browser.

In addition, mobile apps are available that can be run on Android-based mobile handsets.

With a tailor-made combination of base apps and mobile apps, it was possible to set up a warehouse management system that meets the needs of LEBO. Compared to a conventional warehouse management system, the advantage is that it provides (and pays for) only the functionality that is needed.

With the following apps from logistics mall, this warehouse management system has been successfully operated in LEBO's raw materials warehouse since August 2016:

  • Goods receipt
    Goods receipt against articles and against AVIS (purchase order)
  • Warehousing
    Warehousing of goods usingn the warehousing strategy
  • Master data maintenance
    Articles, warehouse topology, blocks and partners
  • Label printing
    Printing of storage location and pallet labels
  • Correction functions
    Corrections of stocks and orders, including setting and releasing blocks
  • Information functions
    Summary and detailed inventory views and booking journal
  • Inventory
    Stocktaking with paper and handheld on stockyard basis
  • Stock transfer
     Stock transfer according to transfer orders and manual stock transfers
  • Identification information
    Information (handheld) on storage bins and storage units
  • Identification correction
    Stock corrections (inventory, withdrawal, etc.) by handheld device

An interface has been implemented to connect the ERP system Sage. The standard interface of logistics mall, the logistics mall Gateway, was used for this purpose. It accepts any data, converts this data into the logistics mall standard format and then forwards it to the user portal provided for LEBO within logistics mall. The data is also made available in the opposite direction – from the apps to the ERP system.

With the introduction of the logistics mall apps, LEBO has created a basis on which other projects for digital transformation can also be implemented across locations.

Our how-to videos demonstrate the usage of our warehouse management apps in practice – using the example of LEBO.



Registration and ordering


Goods receipt and storage