logistics mall FAQ

What is an app?

Apps are software applications for business processes. The either run within the managed app server or on mobile end devices.

Which processes do they support?

In our app store, you will find apps for

  • Goods receipt and warehousing
  • Storage and order-picking
  • Packing and shipping
  • Customs and export
  • Merchandise management and inventory management
  • Warehouse logistics and warehouse management

Who are the "providers"?

All offers shown in the logistics mall are provided by cerfitied providers. A certification process guarantees a smooth communication between the apps.

Why do I need to register as a company?

The logistics mall is a B2B portal. By registering your company you receive a user account for your company and agree with a payment by invoice.

Can I host apps myself?

Yes, that's possible. Apps require a managed app server that can also be operated in the customer's own data centre.

Why is it not possible to pay with credit card, PayPal etc.?

We are a B2B portal and with a payment by invoice, we offer a payment process every company can easily manage. Other payment options are planned for the future.

Any further questions?