Cost savings and transparency

The use of the logistics mall offers cost benefits and savings potential. You do not buy any software licences, but you rent apps and only pay what you use. The usage fee already includes a basic support.

The specific pricing model is defined by each app or by the provider.

The applications are operated by us and as the operator, we are also responsible for the IT administration, so that your IT department can focus on other things. This results in cost benefits. As you pay for each user and/or transaction, you will always have full cost transparency.

The logistics mall offers top performance at a fair price. We will be happy to calculate your potential savings together with you. Please contact our sales department.

Pricing model

  • One-off payment for setting up the app after ordering
  • Monthly flat rate for the period of use
  • Monthly fees for every user that is registered to access the app
  • Transaction fees that are calculated according to the transaction volume

The provider of the respective app determines which elements will come into effect.

The use of some apps requires a managed app server which involves additional costs.


The logistics mall is a B2B portal. With the registration of your company, you agree with a payment by invoice.

Payment is done by monthly invoicing. The operator generates the invoice as a collective invoice. The invoice is either sent on paper or electronically. In addition, you can find an overview of the invoices in the documents area of the user portal.

Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. You can either pay by bank transfer or by direct debit, provided that you have given a direct debit authorization upon registration.